SR22 Insurance Ohio

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Ohio – it means you cannot drive your car if you don’t possess an auto insurance policy. However, many people try to evade the law mainly because they don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying an insurance policy. It’s not a good idea and has serious consequences. Alternatively, you can get familiar with Ohio’s financial responsibility requirements to get the lowest possible car insurance rates. But if you still don’t get it and are stopped by the law enforcing officer, you may get your license suspended or you may also need to go for SR22 insurance in Ohio.

What Does Ohio SR22 Insurance Mean?

The SR in SR22 is the short form of Safety Responsibility. If you’re driving in the United States, you will have to keep a vehicle liability insurance document, and SR22 is a good example of it. In Ohio, this particular document is used by Department of Motor Vehicles offices. Basically, your insurance company has to submit this document to inform the concerned authorities that you have the minimum liability insurance coverage required in Ohio.

It can also be said that SR22 insurance in Ohio also stands as a certification of future proof of Financial Responsibility. This also informs a law enforcing officer that you have now purchased a liability insurance. Once you get this document, you will have to keep it with you for three years, or as specified by the authorities. After fulfilling that time period, the status will expire.

When Do You Need an SR-22?

As mentioned earlier, you will need to apply for SR22 insurance Ohio if you drive without an insurance policy. However, there are some other circumstances when you will also be asked to carry an SR-22. For instance, if you are involved in an accident and fail to pay an accident judgment, you will have to get an SR-22 certificate to reinstate your suspended license.

Not only this, you will also be asked to carry an SR-22 certificate if you’re convicted of a major offense – you need it for DWI, DUI, or any other serious moving violation. Moreover, if you’re a careless driver and don’t bother getting too many tickets in a short time, you will again be asked to get SR22 insurance Ohio.

Here, it is worth mentioning that if due to any of the above mentioned circumstances, you’re asked to maintain an SR22 certificate and you don’t apply for it, your insurance company may terminate your policy. The only thing is that in Ohio your insurance company needs to give the Bureau of Motor Vehicles an advance notice (10 days) prior to termination.

Are there Any Exceptions?

Although you are required to show proof of Financial Responsibility when you cannot verify your insurance policy, there are some exceptions too. In Ohio, you may be selected at random to verify your insurance policy. In this case, you don’t have to show an SR22 certificate if you can prove that the vehicle you’re driving is usually used on a seasonal basis – you may also need to prove that the date specified is not in the season for that vehicle. Similarly, you won’t be asked to show your SR22 certificate if you can prove that your vehicle has been out of service for 30 days or more – it should be immediately before the selection date.

What to Do When You’re Asked to Get SR22 Insurance Car Ohio

You have to file an SR22 form with the Bureau, but you cannot do it on your own. Instead, your insurance company or agent will have to take the lead. They will have a set fee that you need to pay prior to applying for the policy. Once you pay the money, your insurance company will file on your behalf.

Few Things about Ohio SR22 Insurance

You need to keep above mentioned points in mind and ensure that you carry an insurance policy when sitting behind the wheel in Ohio. Here, it is also quite important to mention that though an SR-22 will also serve as an insurance policy, it’s a minimum limit insurance policy.

What it means is that it will only cover the individual whose name is printed on the policy, which is the reason why it is also given the name of “high risk insurance”. It doesn’t work as a comprehensive insurance policy where the damage to your own vehicle is also covered – it will only pay up to the specified limits of the liability, only for personal injury and damages to the other party involved in an accident.

What’s more, you will have to pay a lot more to get this certificate as compare the money you pay to get a conventional insurance policy. It’s therefore important to take necessary steps that will help keep you from applying for an SR22 insurance car Ohio.

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