Short Term Car Insurance – When Do You Need Such an Insurance Policy?

When you need to drive a vehicle for a short period of time or you need to add someone to your current insurance policy just for limited time, you may want to consider getting temporary car insurance. This kind of insurance is a convenient option in situations when you only need coverage for a few days up to 6 months. This policy will not replace the permanent insurance of the car, but it will help you meet legal requirements in situations similar to those mentioned above. Also, the policy will not interfere with other polices you may have.

So, what are the main benefits?

Such a policy will be processed immediately, within just a few minutes after submitting the application form. It will enable you to get protection extremely quickly, which is not characteristic to a standard long-term vehicle insurance policy. Moreover, you will benefit from a discounted price and you will be able to choose a policy that extends to the exact time period that you need. You will be allowed to add the new car and the car that is used temporarily on the same insurance policy.

You can choose short term car insurance to cover various types of vehicles including vans, kit cars, campers, modified cars and classic cars. Other vehicles may also be covered by this kind of policy, but you may be asked for additional coverage or fees.

Another benefit of getting short-term insurance for your car is that eligibility is not a major issue. There are just a few conditions that you will have to meet: to have received only 6 penalty points at most, to have made one claim at most in the past 3 years, to not have faced disqualification over the past 5 years and, of course, to be at least 21 years old.

There are various scenarios in which you may need temporary car insurance. The most common scenarios are driving a car that is rented or does not belong to you and adding another person as a driver for your vehicle. People also choose to get short-term insurance when their old car insurance expires and the new long-term car insurance policy is still in-process, or when they buy a new vehicle and are waiting for the long term car insurance to kick in.

A short-term insurance policy is quite complex, offering coverage for physical damage, property damage, bodily injury, medical payments and uninsured motorists. The premium can be paid monthly or in advance, and you should expect to pay less than for long term insurance. Insurance companies usually charge a flat fee, based on the period of time for which you need coverage.

With short-term insurance, your car can be driven by an infinite amount of drivers. When the driver of your car has a car accident, you will not have to fear losing your no-claim benefits or discounts, because this short-term insurance policy does not affect your long-term policy. This is one of the reasons why it is much better to add additional drivers on a short-term policy than on your long-term insurance policy.

In which cases should you get such insurance?

Mainly, people get temporary car insurance when they go on holidays with a group of friends, when they have overseas visitors whom they need to provide with a safe means of transportation, when they rent a car and want to have insurance for all the people inside the vehicle, when they lend their cars to relatives and friends, when they decide to allow their college kids to drive their car around or even when they want to prepare for the hurricane season.

This kind of insurance policy is very advantageous for visitors to the United States who are unfamiliar with the regional laws, protecting them from the problems that come from getting into an accident in a foreign country. The short-term policy takes care of all the damages that happen when a visitor to the United States gets into an accident.

Remember that driving without insurance, even if it is for a short period of time, is illegal. In situations when long-term insurance is not a necessary expense, short term car insurance is the easiest way to protect yourself from hefty fines, expenses in case of an accident and even more serious troubles.




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