SR22 Insurance Virginia

Everyone needs to show some respect to the laws when sitting behind the driving wheel. A little mistake could leave you or another pedestrian with a serious injury. That’s why you’re required to have a car insurance policy in tact to become eligible to drive in Virginia. However, if you violate certain driving rules or your actions call for several driving tickets in a short time, you may be asked to get SR22 insurance in Virginia.

When Do You Need Financial Responsibility Certification in Virginia

There are a number of circumstances when you’re required to get SR22 insurance Virginia. For instance:

  • A certification is required for unsatisfied judgments.
  • You will also have to apply for a certification when you get your license suspended for driving uninsured motor vehicle.
  • You may also have to get a certification when fail to offer any proof of insurance related to insurance monitoring.
  • You will also be asked to get Virginia SR22 insurance if you falsify insurance certification.

In addition to these convictions, you will also be required to maintain SR22 certification for getting your license suspended for a few specific offenses. For instance, if you operate a motor vehicle and involve in an accident that results in voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, you will have to file for an SR22 certification. Similarly, getting an SR22 bond becomes essential when you make a false affidavit to Department of Motor Vehicles about the registration of a car or another vehicle – the result will be the same if you apply for a driver’s license and enter false information.


Limits on SR22 Insurance Virginia

A very important thing about SR22 insurance in Virginia is that it never serves as a substitute to your conventional auto insurance. It is so because it doesn’t offer a comprehensive cover for the both parties involved in a road accident. It’s actually offers the minimum coverage as per the laws prevailing in Virginia. For instance, Virginia SR22 insurance coverage limit for bodily injury or death of one person is $25,000. However, the limit will go up when two or more persons receive bodily injuries in a car accident – the coverage in this case will be $50,000. In case the accident only involves property damage and no bodily injury to anyone, the SR22 liability insurance coverage limit will be $20,000.

You can see that limits are not high considering what you actually need to pay in some cases. It is due to this particular reason that this insurance policy is sometimes called ‘high risk’ insurance policy.


Important Things about SR22 Insurance Car in Virginia

In order to get an SR22 certificate, you will have to work closely with your insurance agent. The form can only be submitted by your insurance company on your behalf, and they will do it only when you pay them the specified fees.

Different states have different rules, and you need to check them at the time of applying for SR22 insurance car Virginia. For instance, in case your Virginia suspension asks for an SR22 filing, you will have to do it even if you actually live in a different state but have moved to Virginia. The only thing you need to keep in mind that the bond can only be filed by an insurance company licensed to offer its services in Virginia.

What it also means is that you should get your policy from a reputable insurance provider with a presence in several states, as this will help in case you originally purchased your car insurance policy in another state and want to file for an SR22 certificate in Virginia.

Once you have paid the fees, they will proceed with the filing. The good thing is that most insurance companies in Virginia send all required documents and forms electronically, and the bureau takes a day to process the filings – it’s usually done the same day the documents are submitted by your insurance company. However, not all companies come equipped with the facility of submitting documents electronically. If they submit paper copies, it usually takes 72 hours to process these filings.

Lastly, when you get your SR22 certificate, it’s going to stay with you for long. In most cases, you will have to keep it for three years, which is quite like the probationary period after someone commits a crime. However, it’s crucial to know that you need to carry insurance policy all the time while you still hold an SR22 bond. In case your policy lapses in between, it’s the responsibility of your insurance company to inform the state about this. Once the state is notified, they will suspend your license and you’ll lose your driving privileges again.


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