SR22 Insurance Texas

What is a SR22 in Texas

A Texas state SR22 is a certificate that is required by an individual person who has had their license suspended or revoked. This could be from a DUI, DWI or an  or even not having proof of Insurance.

A SR22 is typically ordered by the courts. To obtain a SR22, you must establish the minimum requirements applicable in Texas. There are three different types of the SR22 Certificate. These include an operator certificate, owners policy certificate and a broad coverage certificate. Contact your local agent to review the various certificates which would apply to your individual needs.

The Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificates are only required if your license has been suspended. It could be many reasons including an unsatisfied judgment against you that has not been fully compensated or an at fault accident with no insurance.

If your license was suspended and you want to reinstate it to buy a vehicle, you need to contact an authorized Insurance Agent in Texas who can give you an automobile quotation. They will be able set up and file your SR22 immediately. You can also contact the Texas Department of Insurance. There is usually a processing fee for filing a SR22 in Texas.

All the financial and required information will be explained to you upon your visit to your agent. You will be required to bring all your documentation valid in Texas,  including your previous drivers license, any writs or any information from the DMV.  This will enable a much smoother, quicker and accurate information session at your agents office. You will be advised the cost of everything. All this information will be explained to you by your agent.

There are alternate ways to establish financial responsibility. You can post a surety bond with a state licensed bond office. You can also deposit cash or securities with the department of highway and safety. The minimum amount of a deposit is usually around $35,000.

Once you have reinstated your license, you must take out the minimum state liability requirements. It doesn’t matter if you own a vehicle or not. If you have sold a vehicle and will not be purchasing one in the near future, you must take your plates to the License Bureau. If you do not have a car, but may drive another persons vehicle, you would still have to post the minimum liability limits, and in that case, purchase a Texas operator’s SR22.

There is a minimum time limit on a SR22. It must be maintained for a minimum 3 year period. If it is not, the MDV has the right to suspend your license until the insurance is reinstated.

Financial Responsibility Law

The Financial Responsibility Law includes liability coverage for accidents where you are deemed to be at fault , and have caused bodily injury and property damage. Texas financial responsibility law and no-fault insurance, work together to ensure each vehicle owner has the minimum amounts of liability coverage.To meet the state’s requirements, you must have the minimum liability coverage amounts required by law. Depending on the state, in this case Texas, their minimum is $30,000 for bodily injury to or death of one person in one accident, $60,000 for bodily injury or death in one accident and a $25,000 limit for property damage to any other persons property during one accident.

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

When you have no proof of insurance, the Texas Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can suspend your license, registration and license plates for up to three years or until you’re able to show proof of insurance.

Few Additional Facts

The SR22 is different in various states. It is up to you to contact your insurance agent for information that is applicable to your individual needs.

It is important to realize that it is just not you that is required to buy this type of coverage. There are many people in the same situation, who must abide by the same rules, These rules and regulations are there for you as well as any other party. It has been set up for your protection so there is coverage for both parties should an accident occur.

If you have an existing home policy, seasonal policy any other type of Insurance with an Insurance company, inquire about any discount available to you for having multiple policies.




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