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What is an Illinois SR22 Insurance Certificate?

An Illinois SR22 is a certificate that is required by an individual person when convicted of a variety of traffic violations. This could be from a DUI, DWI, accumulation of points or even not being able prove active Insurance. RS22 Certificates are typically ordered by the courts. To obtain a SR22, you must establish the minimum insurance requirements applicable in your state.

There are three different types of SR22 insurance certificates that can be issued depending on your individual situation. There is a certificate that is for a person who is driving a non-owned vehicle. There is the person who needs it for driving their own vehicle, and there is an owner-operator certificate that covers both owned and non-owned vehicles.

As a resident of Illinois, you must be able to show you can take financial responsibility for any incidents in which you and your vehicle are involved. The Illinois Financial Responsibility Law is outlined by the Illinois Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You will need to meet financial responsibility requirements and legally operate your vehicle.
Filing For a SR22 in Illinois

Filing for a SR22 is extremely important. There are strict conditions which are outlined by the DMV that must be in place when filing for a SR22 in Illinois. There are mandatory limits of liability that are applicable in Illinois depending on the severity of the circumstances. There is a minimum limit of $15,000 for the accident and the death or injury of one person. If an accident causes the death or injury of two or more persons, the limit is $30,000. There is also a minimum $5,000 limit for property damage. Once the SR22 is approved, you will receive a copy of the SR22 by mail and a copy of the information sent to the DMV. There is a 3 year minimum time limit for the SR22. If this is not maintained, the DMV has the right to suspend your license again until the licensed is reinstated.

Obtaining an Automobile Quotation

Once your licensed as been approved for reinstatement, you must provide them with a proof of Auto Liability Insurance. A vehicle owned by you will not be able to be registered until the Insurance is put into effect. You will need to visit a local Insurance Agent, who is licensed to deal with the SR22 Information and authorized to provide SR22 Quotes along with the minimum liability required in your state.

The need for the SR22, is to prove financial responsibility should you be involved in an at fault accident. There are other ways to prove you have met the minimum liability limits required. You can purchase a surety bond with a state licensed agent in Illinois. Deposit cash or securities with the Illinois Department of Safety. This type of Financial responsibility is required whether you plan to drive or not. If a vehicle in your name is plated and no proof of insurance is provided, the DMV or even the tax department can legally cancel the plates.

The Illinois Financial Responsibility Law and No-Fault Insurance Law work together to make sure a vehicle owner does have the minimum amounts of liability coverage.

The Financial Responsibility Law

The Financial Responsibility Law includes coverage for incidents, such as an accident, for which you are at fault. To meet the state’s requirements, you must have:
$10,000 for one person in bodily injury liability
$20,000 for two or more people in bodily injury liability
$10,000 per crash in property damage liability
$30,000 in combined single limits

There are penalties that can be given to you if you have no proof of insurance. The Illinois Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can suspend your license, restrict registration and license plating for up to three years or until you’re able to show proof of insurance.

You should know that obtaining and showing proof of insurance is not the only step you must take to get back out on the road. This is good reason to make sure you speak to an experienced licensed agent in the Illinois area.

Few Additional Facts

It is imperative that you speak to a professional insurance agent for all the information you will need to have your license reinstated. There is a license reinstatement fee that could be anywhere between $150 and $500. The SR22 regulations are in force to protect you and your family from financial ruin. It gives you a second chance to use your driver’s license. It is a privilege to have a driver’s license which most people do not understand until they have had it suspended.

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