SR22 Insurance Florida

What is a Florida SR22 Insurance Certificate?

A SR22 is a certificate that provides proof that you have an active automobile insurance policy which meets the minimum requirements in Florida. The SR22 is typically ordered by the courts. In order to drive, you must obtain a SR22 Certificate from a licensed Florida insurance agent. You must establish the minimum requirements applicable in the state of Florida.

The SR22 financial responsibility insurance is required for drivers in Florida who have had driving issues in the past. They have had their driver’s license restricted or revoked. The charge of DWI or DUI or in some cases other charges including reckless driving or an accumulation of points. Any incident including being involved in an accident and not carrying the required insurance would be an automatic suspension.  A certificate would be required if a court ordered judgment has been charged to you and is still outstanding.

There are a few different types of Certificates available. You can obtain a SR22 if you are only going to be a driver or operator of vehicle in which you have no financial interest. There is an owner-operator Insurance Certificate which will allow you to drive both owned and non-owned vehicles. There is one as well, that is issued for a driver who will only be driving their own vehicle.

Financial Responsibility Law

As a resident of Florida, you must be able to show you can take financial responsibility for any incidents or accidents in which you or your vehicle is involved. Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law is outlined with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The Financial Responsibility Law includes coverage for incidents, such as accidents, for which you are at fault. To meet the state’s requirements, you must have the minimum limits.

l  $10,000 for one person in bodily injury liability

l  $20,000 for two or more people in bodily injury liability

l  $10,000 per property damage liability

l  $30,000 in combined single limits

Alternate ways Establish Financial Responsibility

There are several ways you can establish financial responsibility to drive. You are able to purchase a policy from a carrier licensed to sell SR22 Insurance in Florida. You also have the ability to purchase a Surety bond with a state-licensed company. There is also the option of depositing cash or a security bond with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The Florida Liability Insurance Requirements for private passenger vehicles state that whether you plan to drive a vehicle or not, it has to be plated and covered with the minimum requirements. The only way to cancel the insurance and not continue to pay for a vehicle not being driven is to return the plates to the DMV.

Florida Financial Responsibility Law and No-Fault Law rules work together to make sure a vehicle owner does have minimum amounts of liability coverage.

Obtaining a SR22 Automobile Insurance Quotation.

There are many people that do not understand automobile insurance coverage.

Add SR22 Insurance to that and you have a very confused client. The best way to obtain a SR22 Automobile Insurance quotation is to call an authorized agent in Florida for a quotation. These people are the experts and will know the most affordable way for you to obtain your insurance. They will be able to file your SR22 automatically. They will then proceed to give you an automobile quotation. Please note that there is a processing fee for filing the certificate. You will be advised of the total cost prior to filing the SR22.

There is a penalty for failure to maintain financial responsibilities. If you are operating a vehicle and cannot prove that you have obtained the minimum state requirements, the Florida Department of Highway and Safety and Motor Vehicles can suspend your license, registration and registration of a vehicle for up to three years or until you’re able to show proof of insurance. The state’s Financial Responsibility Law and No-Fault Law work together to ensure that each vehicle owner has the minimum amount of liability coverage


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