SR22 Insurance Arizona

The SR22 insurance car Arizona is required by law for drivers who have gotten convicted of DUI or DWI. There are just 2 kinds of SR22 certificates in Arizona: one that is proof that the minimum insurance liability is maintained on the vehicle of the drivers when they own that vehicle and one that is proof that the minimum insurance liability is maintained on the vehicle when the driver does not own it.

The minimum liability coverage according to the state’s laws is:

  • $15,000 – for the injury or death of a person;
  • $30,000 – for the injury or death of 2 persons or more;
  • $10,000 – for property damages.

There are various situations when the Arizona SR22 insurance may be required by law. One of them is when the driver has gotten his driver’s license revoked. The SR22 certificate is also required for drivers who have driving suspensions. Drivers who have gotten in an accident being uninsured and they were charged a fee as the result of their involvement in the accident, as well as drivers who had their driver’s license suspended because of nonpayment of the fee also need a SR22 certificate in order for their privileges to be reinstated.

Drivers who were deemed as high risk because of reckless driving that has resulted in the accumulation of many points on their driving record and drivers who drove vehicles that were not insured would also need the SR22 certificate. Other cases when the SR22 certificate is required are when the driver has various unpaid judgments on their record (maybe as a result of fines following accidents) and when the driver is in the situation when he is imposed mandatory insurance supervisions.

SR22 certificates are ordered by the court or state. Once the driver is required the SR22, he has to shop around for good premiums, especially if his current insurance company does not offer the SR22. As for maintaining the SR22 insurance, Arizona requires drivers to have continual SR22 insurance for 3 years. Drivers are also compelled to renew their SR22 certificate before it expires in order to prevent their insurance company from notifying the state about the expiring of the certificate, which will result in the suspension of the driver’s license until he completes a reinstatement. If further offenses are not accrued, the drivers will most likely not be required to carry the SR22 certificate after the 3-year period has ended.

An SR22 form will include data such as the driver’s license number, the social security number, vehicle information (e.g. the VIN – vehicle identification number), the date of birth of the driver and start and end dates of their auto insurance plan. In order to file the SR22 insurance, Arizona requires drivers to contact their insurance company or another insurance company that offers the SR22, pay the processing fee (which varies not just according to the company, but also according to factors regarding the need of an SR22 insurance) and check to see if they have minimum liability coverage (15/30/10 insurance according to Arizona law). As in all states, the insurance company is the one to file the SR22.

In Arizona, the issuing insurance company sends the SR22 request to the central office and then the central office forwards it to Secretary of State in Phoenix. The driver has to wait for his request to be accepted and, once it is, he receives the SR22 from the insurance company, along with an acceptance letter from the Secretary of State.

Drivers who want to find out more about the minimum insurance requirements and the SR22 insurance car Arizona can directly contact Arizona’s Insurance Department.



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