Car Insurance For New Drivers

It feels great to sit behind the driving wheel for the very first time, but you need to understand the fact that you should be very careful when driving, as a little mistake could hurt you and other pedestrians. Not only do you need to be careful on the road, you should also follow all rules and laws – that’s why it’s important to get a car insurance policy before you make up your mind to drive a car. However, if you’re a provisional driver, you may have to apply for car insurance for learner drivers. What it means is that even if you don’t have a regular driver’s license, which is needed for a conventional car insurance policy, you would still need to have an insurance policy, which in this case would be auto insurance for young drivers.

Many young folks think they don’t need an insurance policy or they can drive a vehicle owned by their parents. This is not how things work; in fact, you won’t be included on any car insurance policy until you’re 16 years of age. It means that if you think you have a learner’s permit at age 15 and are free to drive without having to worry about applying for an insurance coverage, you’re wrong. You will need car insurance for new drivers, and you will have to use this document until you don’t get a valid driver’s license.

Getting the Best Learner Driver Insurance Quotes

It is crucial to mention that finding young driver car insurance is never easy, especially considering the fact that many companies don’t want to take any chances with young drivers – they can rash and careless. Therefore, some companies that do offer these policies tend to charge much higher rates. Of course, you can go online and compare sr22 insurance cost for young drivers, but you may have to consider a few other points in order to make your insurance provider slash some rates. For instance:

  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local insurance agents to see what they have to offer. It takes some time to rummage through Yellow Pages to find some local insurance agents, which is why most young people now turn to the Internet. You can try both options, but make sure you conduct some research before you shortlist a few good insurance companies for young drivers.
  • Learn to compare quotes and other terms. Most people make a mistake of not comparing price in relation to the features/coverage of a policy and often end up paying more for features they don’t need. Therefore, you’d be able to save some money if you compare insurance quotes as well as the exclusions, policy limits, and other policy terms. Find the one that suits your budget but still offers adequate amount of coverage.
  • Another good idea is to contact an insurance company that has already offered an insurance policy to one of your family members. This could help qualify for a discount.

Other Considerations for Getting Better Rates

By paying attention to some of the points covered earlier, you will be able to find a good driving insurance for young drivers. But, what do you think you should do to get the finest deal? Well, you should consider the following points.

  • One of the reasons why insurance companies charge you a lot for learner driver car insurance is that you, as a young driver, will come with a clean slate – the companies don’t know how serious you are about your driving. What it means is that lack of an established driving record keeps you from getting the best/lowest rates. One way to improve your credibility as a driver is to take part in certain driver’s education programs and workshops. This may make your insurance provider think you don’t pose a serious risk to their business, and this will help you get a better rate.
  • In case you trust your driving skills and believe you never take things lightly, you may consider getting a policy that asks for high deductibles. Even though it offers less property damage coverage, it usually doesn’t come with high premiums. This strategy may help lower the cost, but it may not be the best thing to do.
  • Another consideration is to drive a cheap reliable vehicle, as most insurance companies won’t mind offering cheap car insurance new driver for such customers. Moreover, it will always go a long way in building a good driving record.

Although it sounds like a good idea to purchase a separate car insurance for young people, a senior family member may opt to add a young driver to their policy. What you should bear in mind is that it’s more of a temporary fix, which is why you will be better off applying for a stand-alone policy for young drivers.


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